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Top 5 Best Electric Meat Slicer For Home Use

Starting up a new deli is something that some dream about. From making delicious sandwiches, to serving friends and family, there is nothing quite like a home style deli. If this is a dream, well here are a couple of meat slicers that can make that dream feel real. Even if that means that deli is in your home.

Chef’s Choice International 632 7-Inch Gourmet Varitilt Food Slicer

Chef's Choice 632 International Gourmet VariTilt Electric Food SlicerAt first, this looked like it belonged in a kitchen. Very solid and well made, it is really something that can slice nearly everything. It can cut not just meats, but also breads and vegetables by turning so that gravity takes over. The stainless steel makes for easy cleaning, and the actual blade itself is very easily removable.

Continental PS77711 Professional Series Deli Slicer

Continental PS77711Heavy and impressive. Made of heavy cast iron it is sure to not move when being used. The larger 7.5 inch blade allows for more cuts and won’t need to be replaced as often. With an adjustable thickness, this is a wonderful machine to have in the kitchen for cutting all kinds of meats and cheeses.

Chef’sChoice Premium 610 7 Inch Food Slicer

Chef'sChoice Premium 610 7 Inch Food SlicerThis is a nice choice for a slicer that won’t take up a lot of space. Made out of cast aluminum and having a stainless steel blade, this food slicer can can slice deli thin or up to ? inch thick by adjusting the lever in the back. For cleaning, it comes apart very easily which is a big difference compared to other slicers.

MaxiMatic EMT-503B Elite Gourmet 130-Watt Die-Cast-Aluminum Electric Food Slicer

MaxiMatic EMT-503B Elite Gourmet 130-Watt Die-Cast-Aluminum Electric Food SlicerThis is a really beauty of a slicer. The black and steel look really make this slicer look impressive. With a smaller 75 inch blade, it can cut most meats and cheeses and even vegetables if desired. Its larger slicing platform is nice and will accommodate most blocks of meats and cheeses.

Chef’s Choice 615 Premium Electric Food Slicer

Chef's Choice 615 Premium Electric Food SlicerVersatile is one word that would be used to describe this Chef’s  electric food slicer . With a 7 inch stainless steel blade, it can cut a variety of foods from deli thin to 3/4 inch. It has a really cool button that will lock the food carriage so that the blade can’t be accessed accidentally.

No matter how the meat is sliced, all five of these are ones that would definitely do the job. They are all high quality slicers and would look really good in any kitchen. If the dream of a deli is still within, then get one today and start slicing towards that dream.

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