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Compare HP 63 vs HP 63xl

When it comes to purchasing printer ink cartridges, it can make some people cringe due to the fact that there are a lot of aspects to be consider.

But here’s the thing. Did you know that searching for the right printer ink cartridge for your printer online can be a wonderful experience? Now, to get you started, we offer you this simple review about HP Ink Cartridge 63 vs. 63XL.

We will also include some additional information that might be useful so you can make a smart decision. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Types of Printer Ink Cartridges

First of all, when purchasing an ink cartridge for your printer, you must be aware that there are a lot of versions of ink cartridges in the market today. Thus, it’s important for your to learn the kinds that are there so you can make a wise decision when buying the right ink cartridge for your printer.

Here are some of the main various types of printer ink cartridges:

Inkjet Cartridges

This kind of ink cartridges feature a liquid ink in a special compartment which is released with the use of heat or electric current.

Laser Cartridges

Laser cartridges are also known as toner cartridge. This version refers to cartridges that feature toner as one of the primary components. The toner comes with a black powder that has coloring agents, plastic particles, and carbon that put print impressions on the paper medium.

Now, both inkjet and laser cartridges are actually further classified into other specific categories depending on your purchase.

The categories are:

Refurbished Cartridges

This category is simply remanufactured cartridges. Used and old models are simply refilled with ink.

Compatible Cartridges

They are not really from the same manufacturer of the printer itself; however, compatible cartridges can be utilized with other printers as long as it’s the right configurations.

OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer Cartridges

This version is from the actual printer companies and sports themselves as being original. However, they are quite pricey.

These are only some of the main and most popular types of printer cartridges out there. Choose one based on your preference and needs.

HP Ink Cartridge 63 vs. 63XL

Since we want to give you the best value for your hard-earned money, we want to suggest HP Ink Cartridge 63 and 63XL. For the most part, they have difference page output, and essentially 63XL has better value for cost and long-term use.

Even though HP 63 and HP 63XL are quite prominent for making sharp and quality image prints at minimal cost, they have differences when it comes to page yield. If you want to get the best value for your money, of course you’d want to look at this consideration.

Keep in mind that you’ll be able to save a lot of money if you just use compatible ink cartridges particularly if you purchase online compared to a shopping mall.

Now, let’s start with HP 63 first. This particular model gives users a yield of 190 pages of black before it gets to be replaced or refilled and 165 page outputs of tri-color before it requires to get replaced.

On the other hand, the HP 63XL are high-yield ink cartridges. Its black type can provide with page output of 480 pages before it gets replaced. As for its tri-color, it can give 330 pages before getting replaced. Now, if you prefer this model then make sure to check it out at House of Inks.

Furthermore, HP 63XL enables you to create lab-quality color images and support your day-to-day document printing at very minimal cost if you utilize compatible ink cartridges.

Based on what we’ve discussed until now, we can say that there are not that much of a difference between these two HP models, right? So the key here is to learn what will best work for your needs so you can make a smart decision.

HP 63 vs. HP 63 XL – Printer Compatibility

Both of these HP models are compatible with all similar printers out there. Also, they can provide similar compatibility with the units we will mention below. This will enable you to swap the ink cartridges with certain printers so you can save a ton of cost when it comes to getting similar results.

First of all, the office jet models: 4650 and 3830. Secondly, HP Envy models which include 4520 and 4512. And lastly, HP Deskjet models which include 1112, 2130, 2132, 3630, and 3632.

As you can see, we always suggest the 63XL ink cartridges because they always give the best value when it comes to print per page cost. Also, keep in mind that purchasing Original Equipment Manufacturer Cartridges is not really smart. After all, there are a lot of “Compatible” selections you can choose. Not to mention that they are generally less-priced.

Buying Mistakes to Avoid

There are always chances that we can acquire high-grade ink or toner for our printer. However, there’s nothing really frustrating as opening a package only to see a completely different printer ink cartridge from your old one.

You can prevent these kinds of instances by understanding more about your printer. Here’s what you should keep in mind:

  • Misreading cartridge number or printer model
  • Going inexpensive without further considerations
  • Unnecessary spending
  • Acquiring the wrong ink for your project
  • Neglecting the printer’s manual

For higher resolution color prints, you must get the right color toner or ink cartridge. Take note that they come in three main colors namely: Magenta, Yellow, and Cyan. If the result image print comes with an off-green tint, then you’d want to replace Magenta cartridge.

If there are some Purple tints then you should replace the Yellow cartridge. Occurrence of orange tints means that there’s no more Cyan toner or ink.

Final Thoughts

In order to determine the right type of printer ink cartridge you need, you must check out first the manufacturer’s part number. So how do you search for the number? Well, normally the part number is located in the user manual that came along with the ink cartridge. Keep in mind that most printer manufacturers nowadays have convenient approaches to find out a part or model number in order to acquire the right printer ink cartridge.

Searching what will work best for your needs can certainly aid you to print what is required for any event or occasion while saving through the use of the compatible printer models. Now, if you want to learn more, you can visit HP website here.

And that sums it up. If you learn something then kindly leave your feedback or thoughts in the comment section below. Have a great day!

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